easter round up

gosh I love holidays :) Nothing like family coming together (even if it's via Skype) and having a great day!

skyping with mini human 2 and our loved ones! (call us bias but we're convince she looks like a blend of us, so weird. and she is simply the cutest little girl.... ever! and yes the forever other half use to have curly hair)

family portrait 

(look at our little matching noses!)




blah! this face, can't take it. So after seeing many people take the challenge of taking a photo of their kid(s) every week for a year, I've fancied that it and have decided to join in.

We just put our logo tee up on Esty here. (sidenote it's American Apparel's Tri-Blend tee)

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so awhile back the forever other half had a birthday and I love any reason to eat cake. However, celebrating the person I love for existing, well that is just the cherry on top.


diy girls yoga fold skirt

So when me and the forever other half got nuptially together I gained a daughter! Naturally the first thing I do, sew clothes for her! After coming up with some cute trendy sketches I've decided on a fold over yoga top with leather (of course) would be just right.

If you want to skip this tutorial and just buy it click here.


behind the scenes

So me and the handsome husband of mine shoot commercial photography together. Last week we got to head up The 2 with friends of ours and shoot a lookbook for John Ruvin eyewear. Heres a couple shots and you can see the rest up on our blog here.


dipped industrial bar stools

We've quickly have found out that our styles blended together is a very industrial, modern/Scandinavian. When settling in the place we were so excited it had a breakfast bar! The only downside was there was little dimension in the space, the fix? Adding redwood dogears to the face of it, all said and done our bar has a new look and for under $15.

After we got the bar refaced we ordered the industrial metal barstools, however when they came they looked anything but industrial... The forever other half instantly said 'you don't like them' when he saw my face as I was opening them. I attempted to 'fake it' but he knew that I didn't. So the next day we went out and bought 3 can's of Rustoleum's Hammered spray paint, and some matte white. Taped them off and finally got them to where we like them.


ojai, ca

We got so lucky and were able to have another one of our favoritest couples from MI come visit. It happens to be the forever other half's bff and his wife happens to be my friend. She too has a blog, Fairly Modern Home, and it is ever lovely!

When they were here we met up with some mutual friends to take a day hike in Ojai (pronounced Oh-Hi) where we rock climbed, hiked and even cliff jumped, basically, it was majestic

more photos and cliff jumping after the jump


shop promo

We were super excited when we got an email from Society6 saying it's having an artist promotion. Basically this means that everything in our shop is $5 off PLUS free shipping! It ends April, 13th at midnight (Pacific Time). Can't lie, we're stocking up on things as well!

 click the skull to go forth with amazing deals

Here's the mug I bought and that I miiiiight just be drinking from right now...