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newborn faces

I started this project with Dex and am soo happy to continue it with Ever.


how to: faux grey barn wood

So in order to make our home more storage savvy we're constantly switching out our furniture for pieces that fit our needs better. Our (semi)latest project was buying 2 Ikea Rast dressers and "hacking" them to work with our space. Honestly, for a price of $35 per dresser you can't go wrong.

So to make them fit our home the plain pine (which is beautiful in it's own) needed to go. We both are in love with that worn rustic beauty of things and knew we wanted to bring that out in this wood. We got our hammers, screws and stain out and got to work.


Baby Ever

Welcome Baby Bat from Ryan Pavlovich on Vimeo.

My husband surprised me by making this video of all our friends and family's guesses of Baby Bat. After she arrived we sat together in the hospital bed with her in our arms and watched it together. I think I cried through the entire thing. He is wonderful, how I managed to find someone so amazing is beyond me. We simply added a thank you to all our friends in family at the end. I must admit I watch it over and over.


baby bat.

As we get ready for mini human #3, which now has the nickname of Baby Bat, I decided that Baby Bat needs to have a friend that will fit him or her. So I got to work.

See more photos and the process after the jump.



Can't begin to describe how excited I am to announce that come mid-January of 2015 we will be adding another mini human to our family.

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going from black to blonde

So I'm well aware that this post doesn't fit the 'style' of my current blog but decided to share anyway. It's the story of how I took my blue black boxed dye job to a platinum ash blonde (at home) in just under a week.