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holy break batman

 So after months of crazy changes and well, life in general, this poor documented place has been left behind. However, now that lives chaos has settled semi-smoothed out I feel much better (and refreshed) to come back and document our daily happenings and some much needed diy tutorials :).

I can say that in the few months gone I have changed, I took the time to plant my seeds in my growing family and I never thought I say this but I love the life we've created together. It's funny how you think everything is set in your life only until something else new comes and you have no clue how you lived without it.

Anyways, I've been capturing little moments here and there and need to start documenting it (at least for my kids sake)

Our lovely adventures at the always wonderful Stumptown Coffee.



I feel like I should post and know I haven't in what seems like many moons but I've been indulging /bing watching Hoarders. It's pretty darn hot out here right now, so staying in doesn't make me feel bad.

Anywho, the family and I flew back to Michigan a bit back to see our daughter and what a great time it was! It feels so great to be a family no matter how much work it is. We cannot wait to have her out here :) Here's our adventures.



oh my gosh! burgers!

so awhile back (like this January) we discovered Stout Burgers & Beers from a friend of mine and have been hooked on these delicious organic burgers ever since.


how to make a simple curtain

There are several ways to make a window curtain over the years of making them I've found out quickly that sometimes the easiest way to do things works the best. Here's a step by step tutorial for an easy rod-pocket (or pole-pocket) curtain.


easter round up

gosh I love holidays :) Nothing like family coming together (even if it's via Skype) and having a great day!

skyping with mini human 2 and our loved ones! (call us bias but we're convince she looks like a blend of us, so weird. and she is simply the cutest little girl.... ever! and yes the forever other half use to have curly hair)

family portrait 

(look at our little matching noses!)




blah! this face, can't take it. So after seeing many people take the challenge of taking a photo of their kid(s) every week for a year, I've fancied that it and have decided to join in.

We just put our logo tee up on Esty here. (sidenote it's American Apparel's Tri-Blend tee)

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so awhile back the forever other half had a birthday and I love any reason to eat cake. However, celebrating the person I love for existing, well that is just the cherry on top.