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(semi) Ikea hack

So over the last 6-7 months we've been chipping away at the kids room. We know at one point we're going to have 3 kids in one room. Right now it's just Dex however, soon Ever will join him and occasionally Lyla. The forever other half has been working hard on completely a fort/bed system in there room.

We live pretty minimal but opted for some Ikea items for toy storage. When we first moved our to LA we bought a few units including the Stuva storage bench and the new Vissla bench pad that they have. Love the triangles buuuut I'm not a fan of color (big shocker right). So what's one to do? Spend some time taping off the triangles and painting them black.

Now this was a tad bit time consuming but I love the outcome. To do this I simply took painters tape and taped off every other triangle on each row skipping a row in between. You have to skip triangles because, as you can see, the tape will cover up other triangles. Once the taped off triangles were dry I'd rip the tape off and tape more, doing it until it was all covered. Dexter did convince me to keep a few green triangles.

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