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going from black to blonde

So I'm well aware that this post doesn't fit the 'style' of my current blog but decided to share anyway. It's the story of how I took my blue black boxed dye job to a platinum ash blonde (at home) in just under a week.

First I started off with research, research and research. I found many helpful blogs and how-to sites that explained to me the process of what my hair was about to endure (I'm sorry hair). What I learned from that was this

1) There are 10 levels of natural shades to human hair, 10 being black and 1 being platinum blonde.

2) Working with un-dyed hair works best.

2) You want to bleach your hair (slowly to prevent damage) to the color level (aka the lightness) you want then go in and add toner/color

So my journey began. I was forced to prep my hair (due do work and family travel that didn't call for, well orange hair). So I started using shitty shampoo with sulfates in it to help strip out my many years of box dye color.

After I was finally able to have some time to work on my hair I bought Color Opps! To removed the remaining color in my hair. It did okay with my already stripped roots and fresh hair but didn't seem to lift the black out of my tips at all. This made bleaching a little bit more of a headache. In all reality I should have bought a more professional grade color stripper but I was excited.

Here's an after picture of what Color Opps did.

After Color Opps I let my hair sit for 3 days before bleaching.

After doing some research on bleaches I decided to use Schwarzkopf's BlondMe with their 12%/40 Volume developer. Use whatever your hair can tolerate. I know mine is stubborn when it comes to dye and I was still at a level 9.5.

So the first of attempt of bleaching I tried to do myself... lets just say it came out super uneven and because the Color Opps only touched my natural hair my stubborn tips (which are full of dye mind you) didn't take to this product to well. Here's my hair after the first bleaching.

Bleach #1

Light but not light enough yet. I let this sit for 3 days (which was the hardest thing, seriously I was a pumpkin). After the 3 days of letting my hair recover I asked the husband to help with the bleachings. This was needed, it applied wayyy more even, I owe him.

Bleach #2
After the second bleaching (I left this on for 40 mins) it was still uneven, dang stubborn hair. My roots were now at a level 1 and my ends still a level 2. Which just means dealing with yellow hair for a bit longer. Realistically I should have waited a good week to do my third and final (thank god) bleaching. My hair above is in pretty good condition even after two bleachings but I should have masked it and let it rest for a week or two. Because I'm impatient and really didn't have the time I waited another 3 days and bleached just my tips.

Bleach #3

Still a bit brassy in some spots but enough to tone and finally get rid of that yellow!

I toned my hair directly after I rinsed and shampooed the third bleaching. After looking online for the right shade I bought Wella T18, Lightest Ash Blonde (or White Lady) with a Wella Cream 6% 20 Volume Developer. I let this sit for about 13 mintues before rinsing it out and applying a deep masking conditioner (boy did my hair need it!)

Final Results
Platinum blonde with ash tones. I love it! I did have to trim my eyebrows down a bit so they wouldn't be so contrasty.

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