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updated bedroom/office

So as I get to sew more for this site and this one, we quickly discovered that 1) I need a sewing studio/space and 2) we needed a better place to work. Since our living room and dining room are tiny as it is we knew the only option to have our home office was in our bedroom.

We started sketching out layout and then just decided to scratch that idea and move our bed around (because that's the one of the two pieces of furniture we happen to have in our room). We finally found a layout that was functional for sleeping and for working. Now that we have it done, we have no idea why we didn't do it sooner.

Here is the part of the house we are working on. The photo above was how we actually had our layout, the only thing that isn't shown is the Malm Occasional table we had from Ikea that was up against our largest window. 

And a sneak peak before the jump

At the end of everything we ended up swinging our bed from the one empty wall to the large window (crazy right). So here's our bed layout now.

Doing this layout allowed us to move the Malm Occasional table (which they stopped producing this year :( ) to the wall where our bed was. This was a HUGE improvement. We were no longer fighting with the sun to glare at our computers and it allowed for the potential of storage to go above the desk (which of course happened). We were actually quite shocked on how this layout created two separate spaces and opened up our room.

So what's the only thing that was missing in this equation? My sewing space. We love the Malm table we have, it's thin, it's functional and works. However, you need a tad bit more room for a sewing machine and cutting table. Sadly (but not sadly) I knew exactly the table I wanted and size. I wanted a wood version of the Malm table that nested over the the current one we had in an L shape. Doing this (in my head at least) created a flowing work space that wrapped around the walls.

After getting the bed and table in place it was time to measure out how big we needed the sewing table to be.  We knew it would have to be at least an inch higher than the Malm table and a good size width. We had dimensions however, we found beautiful edge-glued planked panel boards that were a slight shorter than our measurements which were flexible anyway. We snagged up 3 boards, one for the top surface and two for the legs, and some heavy duty L-brackets.

Then we got to work! I measured out our wall space above our new desk to see what Besta units fit best. When it comes to functional closed storage we LOOOOVE love Besta. They have different sizes and doors that give it a custom look but with a fraction of the price.

We made the desk, hung the cabinets and ordered new chairs!



All those boxes were under our bed and need to be gone through again. To (eventually) finish off the wall we moved out this bench and plan on getting two sets of Trones. What can I say, if we don't make it it's Ikea, their style is 100% us and it's in our price range.

**Please don't mind our photography reflectors in our window... it's hot in LA**

And after a days work, here is our (almost) finished office/bedroom. Next steps, 1) getting another set of cabinets to place on top of the existing ones creating storage up to the ceiling! 2) black out/thermal curtains (lord knows the heat we've been getting) 3) Adding a ledge shelf to the wall the bed is on so I have a 'nightstand' 4) a sweet filing cabinet

Not a bad start if you ask me. I was excited because I got to frame a picture I took when we went for a late night bike ride when we were 'dating/bff's' almost 3 years ago (man how time flies). Can't wait to finish it and post.

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