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room to entertain

We cannot get enough of compact living, the challenge of using every bit of space excites us (yes, we know, we're that boring). When it came time to set up our living room we had to be smart because it's a whopping 140 sq ft. The great thing in all of this is that we don't own a TV, we're kind of those hippy parents that believe playing with a stick is better than in front of a screen. All that aside we do like to have family movie night so instead of a TV we use an iMac connected to a great wireless speaker.

So here is our entertainment center, and you'll probably laugh but it is just that, a center full of entertainment.

Hidden storage that hides adventure books, movies, documentaries, cd's, board games and headphones, see I told you it was a center to entertain.

here's the tiny part of our home we utilized, see the full layout here.

1. Black leather mouse pad from jilian dee on Etsy (my shop)
2. Vintage Kodak Brownie Movie Camera from VintageVoracity on Etsy
3. Besta cabinet from IKEA
4. Wheel-thrown ceramic vase by muddypotts on Etsy
5. You Are Worth It All print found on loveisrespect
6. Eames molded plastic rocker by Herman Miller
7. Chunky console table from West Elm
8. Sliver skull figurine from WalMart
9. LACK shelf from IKEA
10. White fur throw pillow from VFIllustration on Etsy


  1. Love this! What is the screensaver you use?

    1. thank you! It actually has disappeared from the internet since I downloaded it but here's a link to other minimal screen savers: hope that helps

  2. You're like a real life version of IKEA! (Do people say that about your home all the time?)

    1. Which I meant as a compliment, by the way. That your home looks like IKEA. Because I think that's really cool.

    2. Thank you! I definitely took it as a compliment and in fact our home is pretty much 80% Ikea (which I'll eventually get around to displaying ha). They just have great furniture that maximize space,can display pieces and look good.