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ojai, ca

We got so lucky and were able to have another one of our favoritest couples from MI come visit. It happens to be the forever other half's bff and his wife happens to be my friend. She too has a blog, Fairly Modern Home, and it is ever lovely!

When they were here we met up with some mutual friends to take a day hike in Ojai (pronounced Oh-Hi) where we rock climbed, hiked and even cliff jumped, basically, it was majestic

more photos and cliff jumping after the jump

After some hiking and true rock climbing we made it to the valley

Now onto the valley/lagoon to cliff jump!

Nature's first waterpark, it even includes a slide

Tier after tier of pools to cliff jump in, California, we salute you.

Brandon about to cliff jump!

(the guy above actually backflipped off and was barely successful...)

Thee most handsomest man about to jump

yes, even I jumped! it doesn't look high but I promise you it is, it was the same cliff the forever other half and brandon jumped from.


Angela in John Ruvin sunglasses.

The mini human 1 had so much fun!

Part of what we rock climbed and the crew

California, we love you!

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