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diy girls yoga fold skirt

So when me and the forever other half got nuptially together I gained a daughter! Naturally the first thing I do, sew clothes for her! After coming up with some cute trendy sketches I've decided on a fold over yoga top with leather (of course) would be just right.

If you want to skip this tutorial and just buy it click here.

Mission: DIY faux leather fold over yoga skirt
Duration: 1-2 Hours
Ninja Level: 2 (Intermediate)
Estimated Cost: $10-$30 (this mission really depends on your fabric)
Weapons Needed:
  • 3/4 yard of Jersey Knit 
  • 1/2 yard of another fabric of your choice
  • thread

1) Figure out the width of the band you'll need for you skirt. Mine (happened to be 17") then add and inch for seam allowance.

2) Figure out the height you want your band to be. I did this by simply folding over the fabric to what looked right and came up with 10". The band will be folded over so the finish product band will be half of the height, 5".

3) Cut out your band.

4) Time to cut your skirt! It depends on how flowly you're looking to make the skirt but I have found that between 27"-29" for a 17" skirt works super well. The height that worked the best was between 7"-8".  Cut out your piece

5) Now there should be two pieces, your band at 17"x10" (mines folded in half both ways) and 27"x7"

6) Now we're going to do a basting/tack stitch (a temporary stitching intended to be removed) so we can add some ruffles to this skirt.

Set the sewing machine to the widest length and set the stitch length to 0.

Sew the long edge of your skirt at 1/4" making sure to backstitch the beginning of the stitch and NOT the end.

Also, take a drink if needed, no judging here.

7) To make ruffles carefully hold onto the bobbin thread (the thread on the under side) and pull the fabric towards the starting point.

Keep bunching up fabric until it reaches your band width (mine being 17").

Pro Tip: If you're using a thicker fabric (like I was) be really careful because the thread can end up breaking (like mine did) and you'll have to do the process over again.

8) Set your stitch length settings back to normal and stitch slightly under the basting/tack stitch. This will hold the ruffles in place.

9) Fold the skirt length wise with right sides facing each other. Pin liberally and sew together.

Pro Tip: depending on your fabric you might want to go back over the stitch with a zig zag stitch and trim the excess fabric. This will help the fabric from fraying during washes. 

10) Fold the band in half length wise and pin (once again liberally because knit likes to wiggle around). Sew using a 1/2" seam.

Pro Tip: with any knit, sew slow. This will cause the fabric to stretch out a little less after all, it's not a race.

11) Fold the band over itself the raw seam is the inside.

12) Turn the skirt inside out if it isn't already and tuck the band inside the skirt. Make sure the raw unfolded edges of the band are facing you.

Line up the seam of the band and the seam of the skirt and pin the two together.

13) Stretch the band to the direct opposite side of the skirt and pin the band and skirt together.

14) Continue to do this to the two sides, then pin together as much as you'd like.

15) Sew the band to the skirt using a 1/2" seam allowance.

16) Go back over the stitch with a zigzag stitch making sure it doesn't go over the stitch you just did.

Trim the excess and the skirt is finished!

Final product! Once again, if you're lazy like me you can buy them here. I've also whipped up some reversible ones too!

skirt with band folded 

skirt with band unfolded

until next time!

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