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dipped industrial bar stools

We've quickly have found out that our styles blended together is a very industrial, modern/Scandinavian. When settling in the place we were so excited it had a breakfast bar! The only downside was there was little dimension in the space, the fix? Adding redwood dogears to the face of it, all said and done our bar has a new look and for under $15.

After we got the bar refaced we ordered the industrial metal barstools, however when they came they looked anything but industrial... The forever other half instantly said 'you don't like them' when he saw my face as I was opening them. I attempted to 'fake it' but he knew that I didn't. So the next day we went out and bought 3 can's of Rustoleum's Hammered spray paint, and some matte white. Taped them off and finally got them to where we like them.

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