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using wall space in your washroom (or as other people call it, bathroom)

I've noticed in our small house you have to find practical space for everything, including the items you use often, like towels. Traditionally people use towel bars or wall mounted hooks but being in product display and stylizing for many years I've fallen in love with S-Hooks. Skipping with the traditional we decided to use a bar and s-hooks from ikea. Let me tell you, it has done wonders and it's easy for the mini humans.

1. Macy by Alexis Marcou
2. BYGEL Rail from Ikea
3. Grey towel from Target
4. RIBBA frame from Ikea
5. KNODD Bin w/lid from Ikea
6. BYGEL S-hook from Ikea

this was the small space of the house shown, see the full layout here.

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