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turning a closet into a modern kids bed

So after seeing lots of people all over Pinterest turning their closets into amazing spaces we couldn't get to thinking if it would work for the tiny quarters we have... and guess what! It did!

I love our little apartment and we loooove the fun challenge of finding functional, useful space. If we had to give any advice on living in small quarters it's to use every weird nook and build upward, height and walls become your friend.

To put those words of advice to use we realized one day that we did not have storage space for large items in the house and the only semi-empty space was the closet in the mini human's bedroom. Long story short we realized that his toddler mattress fit snuggly and cozy into the closet. From that we began to sketch up how to make a bed that had enough storage underneath it for clothes, camping gear and 3 carry on luggage bags.

So because every closet is different I can't really make this into a tutorial nor am I claiming that this is one. This is simply how we turned a closet into a kids bed.

See the process and more photos after the jump

La Sketch: in the bottom right hand corner is what I envisioned and the rest is the logistics of the build.

Semi-before: We had these stackable racks in the closet and it left us with no extra room for storage.

The build:

Framing it out

Figuring out best use of closet space

Installing the drawers

here's the tidbit of the house we were working in, see the full layout here.


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