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making the outdoors useful

So a pond living in a super small space we realized very quick we have to downsize and find a little extra storage for items not used everyday. We were shoving them in a corner of our side yard in massive tupperware bins and batting our eye at the corner whenever we had to go outside. So in order to have storage and utilize the space we decided to make a long L shaped bench with storage underneath.

I really really wish I had some before photos but lets face it it was so hideous that we never got around to taking pictures of our shame. To sum up how our yard looks here's a descriptive visual, it's a side yard that runs about 12'x48ish' (see the full layout here). After rummaging through old photos I've found one half of it.

The Build:

We had to lay down concrete to level out where a root had uprooted the concrete

Frame is done and done!

We stained the facing boards in Dark Walnut and sealed them with a waterproof seal.

For the bottom of the benches we placed free floating 2x4's so that we can customize the storage.

Put the facing and tops on!

That's where we got so far, I ordered some DryFoam and duck canvas to make custom outdoor cushions for it. Which, of course, there will be a tutorial on that :). Happy spring!

As always, here's the part of the house we were working on (to see the full layout of our house click here)

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