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silver lake hangouts

The forever other half and I were beyond blessed to have amazing friends out here in Los Angeles when we moved. It seems like every other week we're having an amazing outing with our friends. This is great except for the fact that it makes us miss our friends from Grand Rapids The Polar Vortex, a lot.

Thank god for awesome friends because one of our most favoritiest couples came out to visit us. It was amazing to have them out here, even though I'm sure they got entirely sick of the both of talking non-stop for them to move out here (sorry guys).

Here's our adventure around Silver Lake and The Grove. Oh and if you have a few minutes (and let's face it you are on the internet so you do) check out her blog Love, Blair her talent is beyond majestic!


  1. Yep. Blowing up your comment section... We love you guys too!!!!! xx

    1. haha no worries, it makes me look less home-body