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how to cut out fabric with using any pattern.

Now that we have learned how to decode the pattern instructions, and cut out our pattern pieces it's time to put them to use.

1) Now with any garment it is best if you pre-wash your fabric and iron it out (I however was lazy and didn't iron it out when I should have). This ensures that you'll pre-shrink the fabric. After all that, lay your fabric out on a flat surface.

2) The pattern directions usually comes with a suggested layout of how to place the pattern pieces, I, being a rebel, tend not to follow this. I've found that I can get better use of my fabric if I lay the pieces out myself.

The key to doing this is to read each pattern piece. On the pieces it will state if you need to to cut two of them, place on fold and which way the bias of your fabric should be. If these symbols are confusing take a look at your key on your pattern directions (I go over that here, if you need help).

After reading each pattern piece, I like to sort and stack them by directions labeled on them, cut two pieces, cut on fold, etc. This way we'll know what ahead of us for our layout.

Here's an example of directions on a pattern piece:

3) After I pile up my pattern pieces I look at what needs to be cut on a fold and then what multiple cuts of the same pattern piece. In this pattern I had 3 pattern pieces that needed to be cut on the fold (one is missing from the picture, sorry) and the rest says cut two of the pattern.

Because all my cuts were double and on a fold I simply folded my fabric in half.

Pro Tip: Sometimes (a lot of times) your pattern pieces won't have to be doubled (aka cut 2) if this is the case, simply fold over your fabric to the point where the needed pieces fit on the fold. This goes for cutting on the fold as well, fold over so the pieces that need to fit on the folded line and beyond if you have cut 2's

Lay your pieces out accordingly as shown above. Notice that the long arrows on each piece are all going in the same direction, make sure yours does the same.

4) Pin you're pieces like mad! If you have decided to use the trick of keeping all your pattern sizes, make sure to fold on as much as you can on the size you're constructing.

5) Carefully cut your fabric while using your pattern as a guide.

Pro Tip: After all your material is cut out keep the pattern pinned to the fabric. Go through all of your cut patterns and mark on the fabric where the notches, pockets, etc. are. If you had to cut two pieces of the pattern don't forget to mark both of them.

6) If your garment calls for a lining (mine did) repeat the steps with the needed pieces. Soon all your pieces will be cut out and we're read to construct!

Congrats! You're super close to constructing your garment!

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