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diy industrial geometric chandelier

Continuing with Project 715 I thought I would update something simple and super easy that can fit into almost any house and any room, a geometric easy chandelier. How cute would this be in a boys or girls room ooooooorr hanging about a breakfast nook? The great thing about this little tutorial is that it doesn't have to look industrial (that just happens to be our style) you can pick up any color of spray paint and make it yours.

Pro Tip: If you're lazy or don't have the time and want to skip most of the steps you can buy a kit here. No judging here, I totally would do the same.

Mission: Easy diy geometric chandelier
Duration: 1.5-2 hrs
Ninja Level: 1 (beginner)
Estimated Cost: $15-$20
Weapons Needed:
  • 1 or 2- 1/2" x 10' metal conduit pipe (we got ours from Home Depot, $6)
  • Metal Pipe cutter ($15 if you don't have one already)
  • Plug in light ($6 on Amazon)
  • Spray paint of your choosing ($5-6)
  • 1 roll of 18' ribbon (I choose white 5/8" ribbed ribbon, $3)

Now normally I do a step by step tutorial with pictures however, I simply adapted this from a fellow amazing blogger. Now I could be 'that person' and claim that this tutorial is mine but it's not. The full step by step comes from the lovely Mandi at Vintage Revivals. So here we go...

1) Go to Vintage Revivals and follow her directions only using your materials listed. She'll mention about cutting the 12 pieces in equal lengths, we cut our pipes at 12". We tried it first at 8" but it wasn't as big as I would have liked it so we did it over again and now I'm in love. After you cut them spray paint them with the color that you choose. We did a few light uneven coats of Rustoleum Metallic Universal Oil Rubbed Bronze. Once you get to last step where you fasten the diamond together stop and come back here to read step 2.

2) Now that you have your chandelier almost all done its time to set in your plug in light in the top. Take your ribbon and wrap it around the cord looping back and forth so its secure. Tie off the top, then tuck the extra ribbon back in the pipe.

3) Hang with care and you're all done!

Just incase you skipped over the Pro Tip, you can buy this kit in any size you want here.

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