La baby blanket

So as I slowly move this blog over into what I guess I've always wanted it to become (a diy fashion zone) I thought I would make an easy tutorial for beginners, a baby blanket.

Most people get intimidated by sewing and shouldn't be. Practice makes perfect, and I remember the advice of those fitness videos, 'always go at your own pace, don't over do yourself'. So if you're just starting out don't freak out, every time you sew is a learning experience

Now on to our Mission.

Mission: Super Cute Baby Blanket
Duration: 1-3 hrs
Ninja Level: 3 (beginner)
Weapons Needed: 
  (suggested weapons: try to stay away from apparel fabrics. Most apparel fabrics are not sutable for blankets, flannels, jersey knit should be fine (however, if you're a beginner try to stay away from jersey knits/stretch fabrics))

  • 1 yard of fabric for front
  • 1 yard of fabric for back
  • Satin blanket binding
  • Thread

**  Pllllease please make sure to pre-wash all fabric before use! **

Now, let us begin.

1) Go out and pick out thee cutest fabrics, binding and thread for your blanket. Then pre-wash/pre-shrink them.

2) Iron your fabrics. Don't try to skip out on this step otherwise it will turn out to be a icky lopsy mess.

3) Lay one of your fabrics flat down on a flat surface, placing the pattern side to the floor. Then place the other piece of fabric on top of it with the pattern facing up. So we have two pieces of fabric together with WRONG (aka non patterned side) sides facing. We won't be doing any turning inside out or fancy things like that so the fabric can remain how it will look when your completed with the blanket.

Cut excess fabric if needed. (I did)

4) Take out your satin binding and pick any corner to start on. Place binding about 1" to a 1/2" off the corner.

5) Open up the binding and sandwich your fabrics with the binding and pin.

*Pro Tip: When pinning fabrics make sure you're pinning them perpendicular to the way you're sewing. Doing this allows you to not pull out all your pins while sewing. 

6) Keep pinning until you get to a corner, then STOP (collaborate and listen). Now lets learn how to fold and pin.

Open up your binding on the corner and pull it over to the other edge giving yourself a little wiggle room for folding and pin it.

Pull corner of the opposite side (the side you're about to work on) towards the edge of the side you just pinned and pin the binding to the fabric.  If it helps think of wrapping a present.

Now pull the side you were just working on over to the middle so it folds a diagonal seem on the binding (this my take some, okay I lied a lot of, adjusting don't give up). What I do from here is work hard on only pinning that one side, flipping it over and doing the same 'technique' on the other side.

*Sidenote: When pinning the corners don't worry about correctly pinning, just focus on getting the bugger in place.

After pinning both sides I like to press the corners with an iron to make sure they stay in place. Not sure if it's right or now but I like to leave the pins in while pressing the fold (also know as ironing it flat).

7) Keep pinning each side and each corner until you get to the point where you started. This part can be a little tricky and if any knows a better way please let me know.

Now it's time to trim our extra binding, cut so you have about 1/2"-3/4" sticking over the 'starting binding'. Take a lighter (or match) to the freshly cut edges and score them just a bit. This will melt the satin together allowing it not to fray.

Then go back to your hand iron and press both ends in about 1/4"-1/2'

Pin the binding you originally started from (freshly pressed, of course) to both fabrics to hold it into place.

Apparently I stopped taking pictures for the next step so bare with me as I try to explain. After you've pinned down the original starting side take your just pressed binding and follow step 6. The only difference you'll have is dealing with the folded edge and getting it to fold over the original binding start. Make sure to press the binding.

** Disclaimer(ish): Mastering corners on blankets takes some time, especially when it comes to flowly fabrics like satin. Just remember, your pins are your best sidekick.

8) Time to sew! Take the 'starting' corner you just finished pinning. I like to start off with this one bc it's the most difficult. Start from the point of the corner and work your way into the binding, removing pins as needed.

If it slips or messes up don't worry about it, just keep on sewing. I've found over the years with making blankets that it very rarely works perfectly the first time. You can go back and fix it.

Sew corner leaving about 1/4" of the binding.

9) Time to rotate your fabric to sew the edges. Simply hand move your needle down into the fabric (see next step for photo) lift up your needle and rotate the blanket around so that your blanket is now lined up with your sewing foot, place sewing foot back down. Continue to sew to the next corner.

9) Once you get to your next corner sew up all the way up to the point. Repeat the steps to rotate your fabric, sew back down your corner, until 1/4", rotate your blanket once and again. Follow steps for all corners.

10) Now your blanket should be done! Well for most, almost done. If you're anything like me and want perfect corners, take a seem ripper to the corner and repin and resew until you them just right. Take your time, have some patience and you'll be just fine.

As always, if you have any questions on steps, comments or issues please let me know and I'll do the best I can to fix it :)

Happy sewing!

jilian dee

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