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DIY Valentines

Soooooo for those of you whom may not know I'm a Marketing Director and designer for a larger arena in West Michigan. Unfortunately I have The Cure Of The Designer. Which means anything graphic or package related I go all out... I can't help myself...

Insert Dexter's Valentines. Muah haha, I did cookies drenched in cuteness!

How I did it:
1) Bake the most scrumptious cookies (or not so scrumptious, you choose you're the creator)
2) Wrap cookies in saran wrap **Please don't skip this other wise you bags will look ugly and oily**
3) Get regular brown paper bags cut down to size allowing for it to fold over
4) Tape down the flap of the paper bag (this way it's a pocket not a bag)
5) Make your graphic
6) Fold your graphic and bag together
7) Cut slits in both graphic and bag
8) Fill cookie
9) Fold agian and insert a wooden dowel    

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