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DIY Urban Outfitters Shower Curtain!

So after falling in love with Urban Outfitters Triangle-Chain Shower Curtain and not living by an Urban nor having the money I decided it was time for a DIY. Sooo here we go:

Gather your materials:
  • Plain fabric shower curtain (I got mine at WalMart for $8 a few years back)
  • Acrylic paint (I used two small guys)
  • A stamp (in this case I used a sweet potato, worked out so great)
  • Paint brush

 1) Cut your shape out of your sweet potato. Mine was about 2" tall.

2) Paint shape with desired color

3) Stamp, and stamp and stamp. 

Now for mine I wanted to add a slight "punch" of color so while stamping in rows I would skip a few triangles here and there leaving room for a color of my choosing (Spoiler Alert: I chose blue)

 4) Resist the urge to crumble it up in a ball and burn it.

5) Don't be afraid to let the pattern run off the curtain.


6) Final enjoy your curtain and reward yourself for not setting it up in flames by having some wine.

Finally snapped some pictures this morning. Don't mind the orange, I'm still working on getting my bathroom to where I like it.


  1. Congrats! I would have neither the time nor patience for such a task. And I would also desire to burn it. Fun fact: I painted a picture one time, and then gave it to a random bartender I met, because I wasn't satisfied with it. But I'm glad you stuck with it!

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