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So now that I have a new job that isn't 120% stressful I actually have time to connect with people and get back to sewing. As a recap (since I fell off of the face of this earth for a good two years) I got a house two years ago and after finding out I have anything but a green thumb I wanted another option for my porch. Insert bunting flags! 

Now my intent was to make new ones per season, however I didn't expect my previous job to take over my soul. Needless to say, I had the same bunting flags for over a year (my apologize to my neighbors). Now that I have a new job and my soul back I've been DIY'ing up the place.

As I made the bunting flags I snapped some pictures along the way. I'm sure there are many tutorials out there, so why not add another one to the pool.

Materials Needed:
Fabric of your choosing
Rope (I used clothing line rope I got at Meijer for $1) 
Sewing Machine

1) Pick out your color story. I chose a pastel fall palette. 

2) Cut out your shapes and arrange them in the order you like

3)Serge or zig-zag stitch your raw edges leaving the top still raw

4) Fold over the top raw edge .5mm down, press. Fold over again to create a 'casing' and press. Sew the fold farthest away from the top leaving a .5mm seam allowance.

5) String your flags through your rope (this works well if you use a safety pin at the beginning of your rope). Hang them up and admire!

jilian dee

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