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Pillow Tutorial

Easy Geo-Metric Triangle DIY Pillow

1) Pick out a color story, I chose bright fun summer colors to go with my house. However, I really looked into some pastels, how lovely would that be in a nursery??

 2) Pick out a width you would like your triangles to be, mine were about 5.5". Use cardstock to make your template. Simply cut it in a strip the width you desire. Once the strip is cut drawn a diagonal line the degree you'd like your triangles.

3) Cut on the diagonal line and place it on your cardstock, trace one side, flip over and trace other side. This will make sure your triangles come out even. (Just a tip; I found that marking the top of the template worked wonders.)

4) Cut your fabric in strips of your desired width. Take your template and outline (in chalk) the triangles. You'll be flipping the template up and down.

5) Cut out the triangles of the fabric. Lay out in the desired pattern. (Just a tip; take a picture of this layout, juuuuust in case your forget.)

6) Going ROW BY ROW, sew the triangles together, right sides always facing each other.

7) After all rows are sewn together, you sew each row to each other.

8) Right sides facing together line up and pin the points of the triangle of the first two rows. Repeat for each row.

9) Choose a fabric for your back or if you'd like the triangles, make another set. Right sides facing together pin the front to the back. *Don't go sewing just yet!!

10) You want to leave an opening in one of the sides of your pillowcase that remains UNSTITCHED so that you're able to turn the pillowcase inside out and able to stuff the pillow into it. I marked where I left the opening by placing two pins. This tells me where to start and stop. Make sure you really enforce the start and stop point with good stitching, it has a tendency to tear while putting the pillow in.

11) Stitch all sides together, leaving the opening you marked. Trim the corners by cutting fabric on a diagonal.

12) Turn pillowcase inside out (now it will be right side out). Stuff pillow through opening.

13) Ladder stitch (and invisble hand-stitch) or pin opening together with raw edges tucked in and machine stich. I chose to use my machine because I don't like hand sewing too much.

14) Admire your new pillow!??!

If anyone has questions or comments please let me know! Or if there's a step you don't understand let me know so I can update it for all you lovely people!?!?

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