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So I'm well aware of how delayed these pictures are (almost two months...) However, I'm now posting them. These are pictures from Dexter's 3rd bday Stash (Mustache) Bash! For whatever reason the actual day snuck up on me and I managed to pull this party off in 24 hours (that includes going out and buying the decorations, setting up, baking, making invites and making all the little details. I'm so proud of how it came out though.

Express Yourself
I ended up making the cutest little banner for the back of the food table that said "What A Splendid Time We Are Having". I love how it turned out and though it was time consuming it was a hit. All I did was find a good letter height (I used half of a sheet of paper width wise) drawn you letters, cut and ensemble.  If I ever get married I want to make one with a cute catch phrase or something. I also am a typography whore, and proud of it, and made a 'Happy Birthday Dexter' banner and taped it to the fabric garland.

Creating Ambiance 
I then bought twine and a quarter yard of three colors of fabric cut them in strips and then proceed to knot them to it. That was probably the most time consuming part however having not pennant "flags" (bunting flags, fabric garland, garland, whatever ya want to call it) wasn't an option. I feel like when people try to make a party, or wedding they put all the little stuff in layers at eye level (tables, walls, etc.). Which is okay but most people aren't sitting all the time, you have to go from above. Adding lights, flags, garland even paper lanterns, oh! or paper chains to ceilings or up above will do so much to transform your party into a beautiful ambient one. It also grounds your decorations and pulls your eye down to the hard made details.

Raise Your Glass
Theeeeen for the food table I gathered up all my mason jars and jars I had hoarded in my basement. (okay I'm a bit weird and couldn't get myself to just throw jars away, I had no plan for them but started to save them, thank you OCD!) Washed them of course and then tied on little tags in layers of paper that I stamped different languages of the word Toast, or Cheers. 

Made extra tags just in case and for the kiddos I bought dollar store white cups, then cut out lots of mustaches in blue paper and glue them to the cups. I know I didn't have to do this but it's all about the fine details.

Take A Picture, It Will Last Longer
I made a lovely photo booth with one XL flat sheet and cut it in stripes to make a fabric backdrop. Seriously, this took no time and I love love love it! Everyone should make a fabric backdrop at one point. I want one for a headboard haha. I then bought dowels and glued an array of mustaches to them, even got The Hitler in there.

Can't wait to add on to this! Keep checking back over the week :)

jilian dee

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  1. Adorable! I especially love the fabric behind the photobooth. I've done photobooths for parties I've hosted, but never with such an interesting background.